The Knight of Swords is tyrannical and damaging. He addresses assuming responsibility for a task or circumstance yet in a heartless way. This card forecasts surprising misfortune, struggle, and a need to set up your own thoughts and convictions.


The Nine of Wands indicates a need for caution and self-defense in conflicts yet to come. There is no sign of a higher or lower outcome between this card and the other ones.

Good News

The Page of Cups is a delicate, creative, visionary sort. He carries with him declarations of uplifting news and messages of new, peaceful beginnings. All dealings with this card are positive.

Adverse Result

The Ten of Swords shows an unexpected completion or an adverse result in some undertaking in your life. It could mean disappointment, ruin, or mortality joined by despondency and sensations of being broken and squashed by the heaviness of the world.

Negative Experience for Positive change

The Death card shows a type of negative experience that will be necessary for positive change and a fresh start. This card is associated with misfortune, disappointment, or obliteration. The general tone of this card is sad and bad

Settng Boundaries

The King of Swords is an assertive, professional, decision maker with high intellect and a knack for leadership. He represents big decisions to come and a need to take control and set boundaries while making firm commitments to your goals

Spiritual Support

The Temperance card suggest divine intervention, equilibrium, and concordance. The positive generally presence of this card in your spread uncovers undeniable degrees of self-assurance and control in your undertakings

Passionate Union

The Ace of Wands might signify some sort of passionate union, the beginning of something exciting and inspiring or the beginning of a new phase in your life. It might also represent a new project you will be undertaking.

New Beginnings

Four of Wands represents positive and harmonious new beginnings. It represents the achievement of goals in your life and brings happiness, balance, and forward progress to your life.

Description:  The “X” spread provides insight into the dynamics and issues in a romantic relationship but can also be used for other types of relationships that require insight into both sides of the relationshipDespite its simplicity, it is still an effectiveTarot spread.

1. Your place in the relationship/ perspective- “middle right”

2. Your partner’s place/ perspective- middle-left

3. The foundations of the relationship – Bottom card down the middle

4. Present state /issues between you –middle card under the top card which is “5” and between 1 & 2

5. The likely outcome – Top Card