The Star Tarot Spread

A Journey

The Eight of Wands indicates some sort of journey or travel; events, opportunities, or overcoming obstacles. It brings an end to some kind of delay or obstacle.


The Ace of Cups addresses in general fulfillment all through all various parts of your life. It predicts achievement and plenitude through utilization of good instinct and imagination. New connections or potentially a birth or pregnancy could be related with these inspirational perspectives.

Boredom and Disillusionment

The Four of Cups is a uninterested card showing a feeling of unresponsiveness, weariness, and even disillusionment. It could imply that you need to rethink some part of your life or perhaps that you are simply agreeing to where you are and with promising circumstances having been missed.

Agonizing Misfortune

The Queen of Swords is a problem solver. She carries with her psychological clearness or a finish to something alarming in your life yet not without an agonizing misfortune or partition. She is apathetic and clever however parts with nothing

Victory and Success

The Six of Wands symbolizes triumph, victory, and success as well as a feeling of exaltation that comes with this card. Good news is the overall impression.


The Knight of Swords is tyrannical and damaging. He addresses assuming responsibility for a task or circumstance yet in a heartless way. This card forecasts surprising misfortune, struggle, and a need to set up your own thoughts and convictions.

Description:  – A Tarot Spread for Hope and Healing.  

Center Card – The Significator ~ The current situation

Card #3 –  Staying Grounded ~ Security and Stability. It represents the overall issues that are being faced.

Card #1–The Influences ~communication, inspiration and intuition.  How other people are influencing the situation

Card #2 – The Ultimate Destroyer ~ The fourth card in the bottom left, represent the element Fire. This card embodies strong will and energy. 

Card #4– The Tides of Intuition ~ what your higher self is telling you. It shows what can be learned from the situation.

Card #5– The Whole Self ~the culmination of the journey, and what all the other cards are leading up to.