The Eight of Cups shows some level of progress occurring in your way of life. It’s anything but a need to surrender, leave, or get some distance from something in your present life.

Internal Struggles

Five of Wands represents internal struggles, anxiety, and feeling uneasy with internal battles that are still to come.

Fluctuating Balance

The Two of Pentacles shows balance, and development through change. It proposes conceivable outcomes of fluctuating abundance that will probably require a type of shuffling act and will carry with it both good and bad times.


The Seven of Swords brings failure as well as obvious pessimism. It suggests the possibility of theft or not living up to your full potential in the future either due to unknown opponents or possibly because of mental procrastination on your part.

Fairness and Balance

The Justice card is about karma, fairness, and equilibrium in various undertakings in your day to day existence. It doesn’t suggest that is in support of you, however responsibility, respect, and respectability are completely preferred to its quality.


The Lovers suggest being at a crossroads somewhere in your life. While this card is highly symbolic of relationships, love, and togetherness, it could also be revealing a positive business partnership or teaming up to move forward in your life.

Helping Others

The Six of Pentacles implies achievement, thriving, and liberality. It proposes monetarily helping other people, giving gifts, and caring cause. There is positive blessing and a general feeling of favorable luck in the future

Positive Partnerships

This card means success, a fresh start, and positive partnerships. It could also be a sign that you are on the right track toward success.


The Hanged Man proposes a type of transformation changing patterns, giving up, or going through a time of change. Despite the fact that it indicates acquiring a new point of view, it has neither a positiven or a negatve meaning