Sustained Courage

Seven of Wands illustrates sustained success due to the courage required to take calculated risks and overcome obstacles. This card illustrates the need to stay true to oneself and what is best for the long run.

The Past

The Six of Cups says leave the past behind. It could mean a type of statement of regret or getting back to the past to open skeletons from the wardrobe. There is a sense of relief and moving forward with its presence

Cynicism and Antagonism.

The Seven of Cups represents confounding choices, living in fantasy land, and enticement because of an absence of ethical quality. It’s anything but an unequivocal sensation of cynicism and antagonism.

Financial Security

The Nine of Pentacles represents riches and monetary security. It could mean at last being rewarded for the entirety of your endeavors in business or significant ventures in your day to day existence. This card could mean financial and/or personal independence for you.

Good Luck

The Wheel of Fortune represents good luck, positive changes, and another course in your life to contentment. While it also shows high points and low points, the general feel of the card is a good one demonstrating upcoming improvements and success.

Sadness and Loss

The Five of Cups is a regretful card full of sadness, loss, and despondency. It could be a sign of not appreciating what you have in life or possibly avoidance of something yet to come.

Mindfulness and Focus

The Strength card shows a presence of confidence and certainly dealing with issues in your day to day existence. You must practice incredible discretion in all issues. Stay calm, mindful and focus. Persistence and strength will be your success


The World card implies fulfillment and accomplishment at a journey’s end. Satisfaction, recompense, conviction, and positive results are without a doubt connected with the presence of this card.

Self Confidence and Determination

This card indicates a degree of self-confidence and determination which allows you to transform ideas into action. Your success in upcoming projects in politics or business will probably be determined by your own strength of motivation and determination

Agonizing Misfortune

The Queen of Swords is a problem solver. She carries with her psychological clearness or a finish to something alarming in your life yet not without an agonizing misfortune or partition. She is apathetic and clever however parts with nothing

Passionate Union

The Ace of Wands might signify some sort of passionate union, the beginning of something exciting and inspiring or the beginning of a new phase in your life. It might also represent a new project you will be undertaking.

Personal Persecution

The Devil is pretty much everything negative. Outrage, viciousness, allurement, dread, and uncertainty are only a portion of the fear related with this card. It recommends feeling caught maybe in an unfortunate relationship, an enslavement, or a lie.

Description:  For those who feel the Celtic Cross spread is too complicated or too big, the “horseshoe spread can be used instead. The situation can be examined in detail here, and the spread can be applied to almost any situation.

Card  1. Past InfluencesWhat past events or occurrences are affecting the this very present?


Card 2. Present CircumstancesWhat is moving the circumstances now? 


Card 3 Upcoming influencesThere will be an impact on the outcome in the days and weeks to come.


Card 4. Best Course of Action. Advice to help you take action 

Card 5. The Attitude of Others.  The energy and influences of other people.

Card 6. Possible Obstacles. What is getting in the way or stopping your progress. 

Card 7. Final Outcome. This will be the outcome