Boredom and Disillusionment

The Four of Cups is a uninterested card showing a feeling of unresponsiveness, weariness, and even disillusionment. It could imply that you need to rethink some part of your life or perhaps that you are simply agreeing to where you are and with promising circumstances having been missed.

Learn Something New

The Eight of Pentacles is a card recommending an improvement of abilities and productivity. It’s anything but an alluring profession and gaining new abilities will be successful as long as you use tact and adopt a decent strategy.


The Page of Pentacles addresses an able, mindful, and diligent youth who is both self-trained and a hard worker. they could demonstrate a type of advancement or obtaining another, pleasant leisure activity soon.

A Journey

The Eight of Wands indicates some sort of journey or travel; events, opportunities, or overcoming obstacles. It brings an end to some kind of delay or obstacle.

A Warning

The Moon is an illusive and confounding card. It recommends the presence of dangers, mysteries, and some degree of mental disarray. It would caution you to be alert and be cautious.

Believe in Yourself

Knight of Wands is a talented, energetic, and determined leader. Though the changes are unpredictable, it’s best to have courage and believe in yourself.


The Eight of Cups shows some level of progress occurring in your way of life. It’s anything but a need to surrender, leave, or get some distance from something in your present life.

Skills and Courage

The Page of Wands is a lively, energetic, and fearless youth with a can-do attitude. This card represents your skill and courage in starting new projects and overcoming fears.

Ridding Evil Presence

The Page of Swords is an astute, sensible, and cautious youth who brings along a type of true information on change. This card shows affectations of mental clearness and internal evil presences being settled and ridden from your life.

Description: This Spread addresses  Health.

The Central Card of the “H” is selected by the querent and should represent the condition or illness as close as possible to what is being experienced.

This Spread uses left side right side and the middle card (Central) of the H” to determine the spread.

The cards drawn for the left side of the “H” 4, 3, 2, represent where this ailment may have originated. What is actively instigating the issue and what outcome will be if the issue is allowed to continue on its current path.

The left side of The “H” 7, 6, 5,  is used to highlight what can be done to encourage change, improve, or cure the issue, whether your Alternative Path will result in overcoming your issue and what the Outcome will be.

Position 1 – Essential Card.   Specific or non-specific Health/Condition

Position 2 – Condition – Symptoms or Specific Condition  

Position 3 – What is exacerbating or encouraging Health Condition? 

Position 4 – The Current Path – The Outcome

Position 5 – Action necessary for relief or recovery

Position 6 –Challenges about the Course of Action – Lifestyle or habitual changes to be made 

Position 7 – Determination5,3m2