Harmony in Relationships

The Empress card is excellent news, if you are looking for harmony in your relationships or starting a family. The Empress also suggests a strong possibility of pregnancy — not necessarily yours. Spending time focusing on the future will be more beneficial than healing the past.

Spiritual Support

The Temperance card suggest divine intervention, equilibrium, and concordance. The positive generally presence of this card in your spread uncovers undeniable degrees of self-assurance and control in your undertakings


The Eight of Cups shows some level of progress occurring in your way of life. It’s anything but a need to surrender, leave, or get some distance from something in your present life.

Sustained Courage

Seven of Wands illustrates sustained success due to the courage required to take calculated risks and overcome obstacles. This card illustrates the need to stay true to oneself and what is best for the long run.

Fulfillment and Security

The Ten of Cups addresses amazing amicability, plenitude, and bliss. It proposes maybe close to home or family dreams materializing and a general feeling of fulfillment and security throughout everyday life.

A Time of Sadness

The Nine of Swords is representative of stress, sadness, and tension. It’s anything but a time of mental agony, some kind of horrendous mishap, or numerous restless evenings to come. A turn for the more regrettable could be in front of you, and you ought to be careful .

A Warning

The Moon is an illusive and confounding card. It recommends the presence of dangers, mysteries, and some degree of mental disarray. It would caution you to be alert and be cautious.

Greatness and Acheivements

The Three of Pentacles is a card addressing greatness and achievement. These things could be gained through useful cooperation or being enterprising. It relates directly to being a master of your trade and great career accomplishments

Soul Search

The Hermit is a card emblematic of looking for a type of profound illumination. Singular reflection and examination are likewise connected with the Hermit. Maybe some soul searching and reflection are needed on your part.

Description: Cross Tarot spreads are used to address an existing relationship and factor in factors affecting both partners. If the querent is in a relationship and unsure where it‘s going, this spread can be helpful


  1. Querent’s position in the relationship.
  2. Querent’s partner’s position in the relationship.
  3. Basis for the relationship – the past.
  4. What lies between them right now – the present.
  5. The future of the relationship.

A “querent” is the person receiving the reading