Angel Visits

The ArchangelRaphael is a powerful Archangel that can confidently move wherever healing is needed, bringing a host of Angels along with him to do the job

The Angel of Success is asking; right now, what success are you seeking in your life? It is the Angel’s intention to help you understand what success means to you individually

Archangel Michael stands ready to help all whom he is called to protect and serve with his sword and host of Angels regardless of their circumstances. Michael protects against negative psychic or astral attacks, as well as any debris that may cling to our energy field.

Whenever the Angel of Abundance shows up it always brings good news! Perhaps you have been praying for a miracle of abundance. This Angel appears to tell you that your prayers have been heard and that by opening your heart and moving forward with faith and trust, abundance awaits you.

It is an Angel of Faith who comes to us when we feel that our faith is slipping away and that nothing or no one can make our circumstances better. In fact, at those times we may actually have great faith that the situation can only get worse!