3 Card Tarot

Past ~ Present ~ Future

A Journey

The Eight of Wands indicates some sort of journey or travel; events, opportunities, or overcoming obstacles. It brings an end to some kind of delay or obstacle.


The Eight of Cups shows some level of progress occurring in your way of life. It’s anything but a need to surrender, leave, or get some distance from something in your present life.


The Queen of Wands is lively, passionate, and independent. A presence of this card shows someone is seeking positive self-development and is honest, thoughtful, and confident.

Description:  Depending on what your inquiries are, a 3 card spread can represent:

1-Past,  2-Present,  3-Future

 1-Mind, 2-Body,  3-Soul

 1-Situation, 2-Obstacle, 3-Lesson

1-Embrace,  2-Accept, 3-Let Go

1-Dream,  2-Life, 3-Fear