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“AstroLogical” explpores, Astrology, Astronomy and Logic.  Everything in existence has a meaning.  However, notable exploration into ones own existence is an amazing, educational journey.  Start the journey here and Enjoy ~Itsdivinity

Astronomy, Astrology & Logic


Astronomy is a science that reviews everything in outer space, for example, planets, stars, universes; and the properties and connections of those divine bodies.  Astronomers base their examinations on exploration and perception.  However, some consider Astrology a pseudoscience. Researcher and or practitioners have not demonstrated its effectiveness in controlled studies and therefore, feel it has no scientific validity.  

Then there are those who would consider Astrology a form of metaphysical theory, which simply questions the nature of thinking.  With that in mind the metaphysical  theory, containing various conceptual elements compose the convictions that the placement of the stars and planets influence the manner in which occasions happen on earth and in one’s life.  

There is no universal agreement as to the exact definition and boundaries of Logic, hence the issue still remains one of the main subjects of research and discussions and questions about, what Logic is. The elements of Logic are included in this “AstroLogical” Journey because basically it is whatever makes the most sense to each of us as individuals.  Think about that. Who can make better sense of you… than you.  That’s why being an individual is so uniquely amazing.  If we are simply being who we were meant to be, we would probably be a happier, more well adjusted people. Especially if what we believe, feel and desire for ourselves, is in fact for ourselves and HARMS NO OTHERS.   

Happy Birthday Libra September 23 - October 23

Sign And Symbols

  • Zodiac Symbol          –    Scales
  • Duration             –    September 23 – October 23
  • Constellation            –    Libra
  • Zodiac Element        –    Air
  • Zodiac Quality          –    Cardinal
  • Sign Ruler                 –    Venus
  • Detriment                 –    Mars
  • Exaltation                 –    Saturn
  • Fall                             –    Sun
  • Exaltation                 –    Mercury
  • Fall                             –    Venus, Earth